Camping Recipe #2: Frito Pies

22 Jun
This snack recipe scores points with me because it’s simple and simple is always good, especially when you’re camping. It’s also good because it combines Fritos and chili, which ranks right up there with “peanut butter + chocolate” and “bacon + anything” among the all time best food pairings.
The recipe is below, but it can summarized like this: Open small bag of Fritos, put a couple spoonfuls of chili inside, add some cheese/lettuce/onion/tomato, shake or stir, eat. I told you it was simple. The person who posted the recipe online added the disclaimer that the recipe was “for kids, but adults can enjoy it too.” You’re damn right adults can enjoy it! It’s a bag full of awesome. Why should kids get that shit all to themselves?

Before you start asking why this is a camping recipe, I’ll explain. In addition to being found on a camping recipe website, it also uses no bowls. Anytime you can eliminate plates, bowls, or even eating utensils, you’ve got yourself a good camp out meal.


(My comments and additions are in red.)


  • 1 can Chili Con Carne, with or without beans
  • shredded cheese (required — you gotta have cheese)
  • shredded lettuce (optional — when’s the last time you brought shredded lettuce on a camp out?)
  • chopped onion (optional — same as above)
  • diced tomatoes (optional — same as above)
  • sour cream (I’m adding this ingredient because I personally love it on chili, but it’s optional if you’re camping)
  • individual bags of Fritos

Heat up chili (optional — whatever temperature the chili is at when you open the can is probably fine…and simpler). Open the individual bags of Fritos on one side (Duh. Do we really need the “on one side” direction? Is anyone opening both sides of the bag and wondering why all the ingredients are ending up on their shoes?). Spoon in chili, top with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Eat that shit like it’s going out of style.

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