Camping Recipe #4: Beer Pancakes

6 Jul
When it comes to cooking, the simplest recipes contain only two ingredients. That’s the fewest number of ingredients you can have and still have a “recipe.” There’s no such thing as a one-ingredient recipe. Cheese, by itself, is pretty awesome, but it’s not a recipe. Add cheese to eggs and you’ve got a recipe. That’s cheesy eggs, and it’s delicious. Two-ingredient recipes usually work out that way. Sort of like this one … at least in theory. I haven’t tried it yet.
This masterpiece is called “Beer Pancakes.” It was originally called “Guinness Cakes” by the author, but I changed the name to be inclusive of other beers (how often do you have a pint of Guinness lying around?). Basically all you do is take instant pancake mix (the “just-add-water kind”), but instead of using water, you use beer. That’s right, you’ve finally got an excuse to have beer for breakfast.
Here’s what the author, a woman no less (or a man named Lori), had to say about this heavenly concoction:
The first time I made this for a campsite full of friends, they went nuts! The beer gives the pancakes a sourdough flavor and a very nice texture. Of course, the alcohol cooks out, so they can be made for your family.
It’s unfortunate that the alcohol cooks out because I was hoping to scarf down 20 or 30 of these things and get shitfaced by 9 a.m. Oh well, maybe I can whip up some Jack Daniels syrup to get the job done.


(My comments and additions in red.)
  • pancake mix (the just-add-water kind)
  • Guinness Stout (If you don’t have Guinness, which is 100 percent of the time for me, you can substitute another heavy stout, but I’m guessing any good dark beer will do.)


Following package directions, make the batter using the beer instead of water. Let stand just a minute or so to let the beer “work.” (While you’re waiting for the beer to “work,” feel free to drink whatever beer you didn’t use in the batter. Yeah, it’s 9 in the morning, but you don’t want to waste good beer, right?) Pour out by spoonfuls onto a medium-hot griddle and cook like any other pancake.  

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